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With a perfect blend of knowledge of both ground level politics & white collar brand management, RANNNITI operates from a vantage point in a political landscape that the digital media has greatly shaped, enabling us to turnaround challenging projects & craft powerful brands that connect leaders and parties to their audiences.

We work with

Political Leaders

Government Departments

Social Businesses

Political Parties

Autonomous Bodies


Cooperative Organizations

People of Importance

Municipal Corporations

to develop campaigns, relay content and shape opinions.

RANN Social

From ideation to production to execution, we believe that your digital campaign should be so dynamic that the voter has already decided to vote for you, even before your karyakartas and supporters hit the ground. We aim to go beyond the traditional digital platforms and generic digital content in order to develop your brand’s greatest potential and provide your target audience a 360 degree media experience.


Brand Audit

Third Party Syndication

Account Management

Web & App Design & Development

Social Media

Online Reputation Management

Brand Management

Inbound Marketing


WhatsApp Marketing

Digital Campaign Development

Programmatic Buying

Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Marketing

RANN Media

Since the start of times, Public Relations has been a crucial part of politics and government. Having the potential to reach millions via multiple modes, media & PR are the underlying mechanisms that drive communications from the leaders to the masses. At RANNNITI, we believe in developing an integrated approach to every campaign - balancing the objective of immediate profitable response with long term brand awareness and retention.


Interviews and Bytes

Content writing

Inserts and Comments

Strategic Planning

Press Releases

Press Releases

Crisis Communications

Knowledge Management

Media Relations

RANN Campaign

In the thick of elections, candidates, their supporters and karyakartas need to interact with citizens & secure votes rather than manage election duties & mundane campaign tasks. Outsourcing campaign management services helps the leader to not only save time, money and efforts, but also get a professional job done at an attractive ROI. The RANNNITI campaign team is adept at managing small to large scale campaigns right from managing vendors to organizing events, making your campaign a roaring success.


Vendor Management

Integration with Social Media

Content Curation for Speeches

Merchandising & Stationary

Radio + TVC + Print + OOH

Creative Services

Niche Media

Event Management

Constant Live Updates

RANN Training

Training is an important focus area when it comes to political campaigns. RANN Training focuses on areas of improvement for leaders and their team of karyakartas, supporters & campaign staff based on analyses, audits and personalized recommendations. Be a one day training workshop or an extensive program, our learning programs are tailor made to suit your individual requirements. All of our leader training programs are conducted on one-to-one basis which don’t just stop after the completion of the session, but involve communications and inputs even in real time scenarios till way after. The RANNNITI facilitators comprise of a premiere set of campaign consultants, advisors, image consultants, stylists & subject matter experts, thus ensuring winning strategies & counsel for our clients.


Public Speaking

Public Policy

Communication Skills

Regulatory Affairs

Negotiation Skills

Debate ROPs

Polling Booth Management

Knowledge Management

Image Consulting

Digital Media

Verbal & Non Verbal Skills

Conflict Management


With the surge of internet and smartphones, technology is an integral part of any campaign today and is instrumental in giving you the edge to outperform your competition. RANN Tech focuses on niche technologies and brings them at an attractive positioning that yield an effective ROI. Creating the right message and designing the brand philosophy is only half the job. Targeting the right set of audiences and drafting strategically positioned creatives and messages suitable for different demographics is a challenge marketers face these days. We work extensively with the largest ad exchanges, ad networks and ad tech companies across the globe to help you achieve this using our proprietary tools.


Programmatic Buying

Unicode SMS


Short Code Dialing

Pin based SMS

Flash Call Services


AI Based Chatbots