About Us

The 2014 Lok Sabha elections are a testimony to the fact that times have changed. They have changed for good-Strategies were revamped-New media digital platforms were explored, and implemented, resources were efficiently and effectively managed. All of this was done on a war footing and in a very short span of time.


Yes, agencies were hired!
Media agencies and PR agencies were hired to work for parties. However, there is an evident disconnect between ground reality and debates in air-conditioned rooms. This is primarily the reason that the same model was not successfully explored and used to maximum leverage and output in the state and city elections. Whereas it was a game-changer on a national platform. When we look at it from a local perspective, we realize there is a gap, and we have analysed and studied this gap, leading to an end-to-end strategy from a local perspective.


RannNiti, a venture of P9 Strategic Initiatives has been operating in this segment to fill in the gap between ground expectations and controlling stakeholders. With RannStrategy, RannMedia and RannCampaign; RanNiti has formulated a model wherein Political Stakeholders, Political Leaders, Elected Representatives, and Prospective Candidates are exposed to multiple facets of a well-defined process including Strategy Consulting, Brand Management and Campaign Management,

Most importantly, at the crux of Political Consultancy, is elections. -----(add text here)-----all of which form the basis of an election. RannNiti propels the candidate into an ecosystem where resources are optimized, costs are saved, access is provided to vital insights and ultimately a winning streak is strategized and executed.

The team at RannNiti has a cumulative experience of more than five decades spanning successful stints in Active Politics, Legal and Regulatory Affairs, Marketing, Engineering, Business PR, Management Consulting, Financial Advisory and Political Campaign Management. The team is committed to delivering results, especially when the going gets tough.